Baking with Limes

eggs-and-tree.JPG lime-cake.JPG

Sometimes you need an excuse to bake. I don’t mean baking cupcakes from a box (they need no excuse– I bake a few dozen and freeze for a quick fix later on). I mean the kind of baking that takes 2 people, 3 parts, 4 hours, and several cups of tea to perform. And, in this case, made more complicated by the fact that we were lacking hot water for the between batter and frosting cleanup of the stand mixer bowl due to a water heater melt down in the basement that morning. The plumber came, but was finished before the cake was, he missed out. N and I made a lime sponge cake, based on a recipe we found in Cook’s Illustrated — one that was actually written by a pastry chef I once worked alongside. We baked the cake and then cut each layer in half, filled with lemon curd which we did not make (would take too long to set). The flavor of the purchased curd was not what I had in mind, but the cake made up for it, at least. Once constructed, we covered the whole thing with fluffy white lime-juicy frosting. N made sweet little cowlicks all over it with the offset spatula. Very nice. We ate slices with cups of tea and even Mr. Food put aside his books long enough to try some. Not bad for an afternoon’s work– but next time I’d like to make my own curd, and N would prefer a frosting that didn’t taste so much of Cool Whip. Stay tuned. Next month– potato roesti and a recreation of the 80s product, Jell-O 1-2-3, courtesy of Carolyn Wyman’s lovely book


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