Funky cuppa tea

I went to my favorite tea store last week to stock up. One of my favorites is #211 (Creme de la Earl Grey, they call it) and another I like is a black tea they have tossed with rose petals. I bought some of each and brewed a cup of rose tea the next day. But, it smelled funny and tasted the same. I drank it just in case my nose was wrong… but it was not and the honey in the cup did not help much. I smelled the bag it came in and noticed the rose was overwhelmed by something smokey, something lapsang souchong-y. The usual tea seemed to be mixed with something more of an oolongish shape and color. So, what was it? I never found out. Took it back yesterday and (without the original bag or a receipt) got a replacement bag. Of 211. Back to the usual, I guess. Cheers!


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