Eating dogs– hot and cool

dsc00296.jpg dsc01272.jpg dsc00542.jpg

It’s spring (barely…) in Boston and the Red Sox are about to start their season. When I think of baseball I think next of food. Not just of peanuts and Cracker Jack, or of hot dogs and beer. All of which, yes, I associate with the sport and enjoy during the games and some of which I plan to serve this week for dinner. But this time of year I also think of the garlic fries in San Francisco, the crabcake sandwiches in Baltimore, the cheesesteaks in Philly, and the Cool Dogs in New England. The variety now in ballpark food has increased exponentially since the sport first boomed after the Civil War. Weird things like pies (probably meat, but it’s hard to tell) and chewing gum (especially Wrigley, as in the Field) both used to be quite popular menu items. Now it’s all about cotton candy and nachos. Not that I’m complaining. Mr. Food and I will be watching most of the games from home this year — why else would we need cable tv, after all– but will be on the Green Monster for a game, too. I hear they sell oversized hot dogs up there…


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