Peeps show for Easter


Yes, I eat Peeps. And yes, some folks don’t respect that– but every year at Easter my plans consist entirely of finishing off my annual box of Peeps (this year, blue chicks). And for the record, I prefer the softer, fresh offerings. People who eat ’em stale are the really crazy ones… I’m also very interested in all those experiments that curious “scientists” have performed on the defenseless marshmallow chicks. My favorite site is Peep Research where they do everything from the drop-a-peep-in-liquid-nitrogen-and-see-what-happens to the separation of quintuplets operation. The latter makes for particularly riveting footage. You can even watch a video showing a set of yellow bunnies being microwaved inside their box. There are so many Peeps giving their marshmallow bodies in the name of research there is even a website created in protest. For the record, I eat ’em, but I don’t torture them along the way. Unless chewing counts.


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