11 eggs. 6 colors. Snacks for a whole week.

The smell of vinegar always reminds me of Eastertime, sitting around Grandma’s old kitchen table dunking hard-cooked eggs into little plastic cups filled with bright colors. This year, I’ve got apple cider vinegar on hand (am I supposed to use the white only? I’ll find out). We don’t have a dozen eggs, I think someone (Mr. Food!) must have eaten one since we bought them but that’s ok. It’s only me dyeing them anyway, on the counter top next to the stove. Mr. Food asks “are they still edible?” He’s not interested in the dyeing, only the eating.

First, the color tabs go in the vinegar. They fizzle just like old times.


In goes the water, and then, the eggs. Then we go out for a while leaving them there, sealed against any possible feline attacks.


We return and I pull five bright eggs from the little Mason jars. Another five go in. The eleventh is in the yellow and I think it needs longer in the bath.


Now we have lunchtime snacks to last a while… Mr. Food already has his eye on one of the red ones. Onto Easter!

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