(slab) Bacon + (green leaf) Lettuce + (vine) Tomato


Warmer months for the Food household mean it’s BLT season. The tomatoes are getting more local and an easy lunch of chicken soup is not as tempting as it had been over the winter. We’re pushing it a bit this year– the tomatoes are still coming from California, I’m sure. But we made the trip recently to Russo’s a few towns over to get a big slab of bacon (sliced thickly and lovingly laid out side-to-side in half a dozen layers separated by light deli plastic) and that’s all we really need to start in on the BLTs. Just to say it is not just me hearing the call of the bacon, another group of curious folks over at Leeds University in London actually spent quite a bit of time determining the perfect crispiness of a bacon sandwich– now that’s devotion. So I fry the bacon as I mix the mayo (this time it is a fresh French version found also at Russo’s) with chives, salt, and pepper. Once the (white potato) bread is toasted the mayo goes on and then the bacon, the lettuce, and then the tomato slices. The result? The perfect home sandwich (followed closely by a nice chicken salad with red grapes and walnuts on French bread). As opposed to the perfect take-to-work, acronymic, durable-under-many-conditions sandwich which we all know as PB+J.


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