The cheesecake-atorial

This afternoon the girls came over for a cheesecake lesson and some good Chinese takeout. L, N, and V arrived with food from the Chilli Garden in Medford Square. I always get the cold noodles– they are topped with garlic and enough spicy things to make your mouth (and lips) burn long after the fact. But, delicious.

dsc03029.jpg dsc03033.jpg

Then, the cheesecake lesson! In months past I have taught these three how to make vegetable soup, spinach quiche, and, most recently, a quinoa dish with Rice Krispie treats for dessert. All but the last were sadly undocumented events and will never be shown publicly (perhaps the quinoa will show its face, though!). Due to time constraints and my perpetual difficulty in getting a large-sized cheesecake sealed entirely against the water that surrounds its baking tin, we tried making mini cakes in muffin tins. And you know, it worked! While L greased up the tins (without this, the little cakes would never have slipped out so easily!), N and V ganged up on the crust. All patted crust into the tins and baked for less than ten minutes… then the filling was paddled into creaminess in the stand mixer: cream cheese, egg, sugar, vanilla, and zest from one blood orange. V seems to have a weakness for kitchen power tools (while L enjoys a good hollow-ground, Asian-style knife) so she primarily handled both the pulverizing of the crust and the beating of the filling. Everyone pitched in to fill the tins with batter and we baked the little tasties for 27 minutes at 325-degrees. They cooled down quickly in the refrigerator and were eaten– topped with fresh berries– within an hour of emerging from the oven. Experiment worked! What should we cook next month, ladies?


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