The New York doughnut


Sometimes all you need for a pick-me-up is lunch with an old friend, with a bunch of doughnuts on the side… J (who writes about food for The Boston Globe and The New York Times) and I met up at The Doughnut Plant near Chinatown. The yeasty rounds here are unusual flavors like fresh strawberry and coconut, the two I picked up on Saturday. They also have the elusive rose petal doughnut which is rumored to be on the menu on Mothers’ Day. If I keep going back every time I’m in the city, one day I’ll get my hands on those. Since little sister L just decided to go to NYU next year, this may be more often!

Note to L: this is all you have to do to get there from your new neighborhood… now go ahead and buy a box for yourself and send one back to Boston for me. I’ll be checking my mailbox. (thanks)


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