Missing: bird-feeder roof

Attention local residents:

This past Saturday morning the suction cups (all three of them) gave out on our bird-feeder roof and the structure — minus the food tray, it was inside for refilling at the time — fell two stories to the ground below. We believe it must have landed on the mulch in the space between the tall corner hedge and the short one next to it… but where it went after that is anyone’s guess. It can’t have gone far, but several searches of the area have turned up nothing. Not in the bushes. Not the sidewalk. Not crushed into bits on the street. Not even the neighbors have seen it. The cats are terribly worried about the loss and persist in staring at the blank spot on the window where the feeder used to be. I can’t bring myself to tell them what happened, hoping that whichever neighborhood dog or small child or large wind gust that went off with it will return it to the doorstep. Birds have got to eat too, you know!

Tuesday morning update:  All it took was a pleading email to customer service last night and this morning, a promise to send a new roof to us, free of charge!  The cats and bird will be thrilled at the news.  Phew.

Thursday update (several Thursdays later): The bird feeder is back! But, it did not arrive through the mail– will it ever is another matter, perhaps it has gone to wherever all my Saveur magazines have been going since they stopped coming in December… our neighbor found it ensconced in the hedge where it landed. Luckily the clear plastic roof was found before it met with the hedge clipper A was wielding. So, now the birds and the cats, are happy again. Happy spring!


2 responses to “Missing: bird-feeder roof

  1. How ingenious (and how considerate of feathered friends), Em – I mean your e-mail to customer service to secure a new bird feeder roof. Also ingenious is your entire blog. I’m just exploring it for the first time, and it’s FASCINATING! GOOD WORK – as always!!!

  2. There’s nothing quite so satisfying as getting wonderful customer service. Go bird feeder company!

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