Supermarket purses?

So, we all know a person (yes, namely me!) has got to have a wide range of handbag options. Right now, within my range of sight, I have my lovely blue (thank you sister, L for this one!) summery weekend bag; my black, carry-all-that-doesn’t-fit-in-the-blue-bag bag (also weekend use primarily); my blue, over-the-shoulder, practical, weekday work bag; my L.L. Bean mini tote that is currently filled with winter hats and gloves but enjoyed recent glory days as a lunch bag (thank you, sis-in-law-to-be, H!); and, the last, the bright orange Oprah bag I bring to the pool that I have had since I wrote about her personal chef, Art Smith, back in October.

But enough about my bag “problem,” what about yours? I’ve seen more and more ladies recently using those canvas/wax canvas supermarket reuseable bags as purses or gym bags, or, in some cases, bags to carry your knitting in– I mean you, lady with the lovely Harrods bag on the 5:10 Lowell train. Nice use of a cool bag! And then there are a few I’ve seen with the Whole Foods’ Clementine bags stuffed with yoga gear. Interesting. Then there are some sporting the cool Trader Joe’s waxy canvas bags with the trademark pink flowers. Very nice, but I haven’t peeked into one yet, so not sure what those gals are packing. And, sadly, there are no examples pictured on the internet, so no visuals there.

Things get stranger when I see some commuters with those reuseable Stop & Shop green canvas bags… I mean, I have 4 at home and I use them for shopping (who needs more plastic bags, after all!) but I’m not carrying them around, so what’s in those I wonder?

Just curious.


2 responses to “Supermarket purses?

  1. I posted a photo of a very fashionista bag that says, “I’m Not A Shopping Bag” recently on my own blog! Shoot me the day I start using my Clementine bag for the gym, honestly.

    And I wish I knew Jane and Michael Stern, too. Let’s go to one of their recommended places when we’re in Portland!

  2. Though not a supermarket bag, i do have you to thank for bringing me to black ink, allowing me to buy the oh so hip signature $10 black ink bag.

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