California eatin’

Last weekend we spent two days in the Los Angeles-area (and a day getting there and back!) to see our friends J and R get married– and it’s about time!! So, congratulations to the lovely couple and what follows is the chronicle of what we ate when we were there. Apparently R is one of the few people who actually read this blog and he wants to see himself here! And he’s the groom, so he gets what he wants, at least this week.


For the rehearsal dinner we went to a Korean BBQ place in LA somewhere, we ate outside under an airy canopy and had our fill (and then some) of grilled meats. Kudos to the server who handled those tongs like a pro and flipped a griddle-full of shrimp (or beef, chicken…) before we could even grab the chopsticks. Nice work.


Then on to the groom’s cake… but in this case it was a groom’s pie! R much prefers pies to cakes (I mean, who doesn’t? Unless it’s an ice cream cake…) so J went and bought a pecan, a banana cream, and a boysenberry (pictured here, though after the fact). I did my best, with the groom’s help, to slice and plate them but they were all different sizes and many fruit pieces escaped the crust. Whoops.


The next morning, the day of the wedding, Mr. Food and I took a walk to the Pacific Ocean in Santa Monica where we were staying. We had almost forgotten how nice the ocean smells! (At least, I thought so) On the way we had breakfast at Jack n’ Jill’s which is apparently famous because of some television show we don’t watch. But regardless, the servers were all very friendly (maybe that’s a West Coast thing we are not used to in Boston!) and the breakfast we got was tasty. The tea came in individual pots which is always a nice touch. Unfortunately, the cupcake– a coconut one– was kinda dry and too sweet even for me to finish it. Ah, well…


And then the wedding, under a canopy of trees in the hills of Malibu. Wow. Gorgeous. And here’s the cake, with a little likeness of the bride and groom on top. Lovely!

Note to brother J and about-to-be-sister-in-law H: You’ve got a lot to live up to when you get married next week! See you then.


2 responses to “California eatin’

  1. Mmmmm, Korean BBQ. My favorite! Must get back to my favorite place sometime soon!

  2. I can’t wait to show R your write-up of your weekend food adventures. We loved sharing some of our fave places to eat…although there is much, much more yummy places—dim sum, hip vegetarian low-key celeb cafe, just to name a few. So I extend an invitation (good forever) to come out and see us and LA again. Love you guys.

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