Other people’s refrigerators (I)

There’s been a back-log of blogging happening recently. (I wonder if that should be called a backblog) One thing I’ve been meaning to post is pictures of R’s refrigerator and freezer, now two or so weeks out of date– sorry! Anyway, if you look first at her freezer door:


You’ll see all frozen treats. She has me going for a while with the “healthy” options like fruit sorbets and plain vanilla ice cream, but then, wham, a Ben & Jerry’s in the middle of all that! Where’d that come from? And then the pack of crushed garlic blocks… I say get one of these instead. (But, no, you don’t have to spend $38 on it…)

Her refrigerator is not much more telling…


Basically stocked with juices, milk, and Brita-ed water… and is that maple syrup hiding in the back? Probably for those lovely French toast brunches we have at her place sometimes. Lots of eggs. Tomatoes in the bin below? (You know, those are really great at room temperature…) And with a super huge pack of Cadbury’s Crunchies she’s ready for anything. But, R, what’s in that plastic bag??

2 responses to “Other people’s refrigerators (I)

  1. Nonono, those are oranges, not tomatoes! The plastic bag = leftovers from a restaurant. :p

  2. Does this mean I have to organize the fridge before our next book club meeting?

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