Korean BBQ (II)

Our three-person book club met this afternoon over tea (black with rose) and cake (pound with lemon and basil)… Incidentally, the pound cake recipe is one of the worst written ones I’ve seen in a while (note to self: remember to never actually use the recipes from the Improper Bostonian) I have a culinary degree and it was not easy to follow. Not to say it was impossible, but if a recipe is written well you should just be able to follow the ingredients and the steps, in order. That was not the case here. It was way too vague and meandering. To show you what I mean and post it here would be a disservice, just in case anyone actually tried to use it! So, we’ll move on to the book we read, The White Darkness— about a trip to Antarctica, so interesting, but Y(oung)A(dult) genre, so, not exactly my style. Sorry, R and C, I know you like this stuff better than I do. Thanks for putting up with me…

Anyway, onto the important part! We decided to have Korean BBQ for dinner since R has been hankering for it ever since she heard of our California hijinks last week. So we all (with Mr. Food and Misters R and C in tow) went to New Jang Su BBQ and had some amazing food. I don’t remember what we ate but it hardly mattered. I had my camera but was too busy eating to even take photos until it was all gone…


You’ll have to ask R if you want to know what we ate. She’ll remember. She goes there so often they know her. All I know is that it was good. And that I probably won’t even need a snack before bed– except for this lime sherbet drink I’ve got here… that doesn’t count, does it?

Didn’t think so.

One response to “Korean BBQ (II)

  1. What happened to those nice pictures of our empty plates?! My public will be expecting them! 😉

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