Linguine and wedding cake…

This time the cake was for my brother J and his lovely new wife, H. Once again, welcome to the family! The weekend was a blur, and not just for them, but I’ll try to do the food offerings justice. Here goes.

We drove over Friday morning and had some forgettable food in the car, courtesy of the contents of our refrigerator (see here). After an easy ride — thank you to the non-existent traffic on the Merritt Parkway and the Mass Pike, etc.– we arrived at our hotel and spent time with family, including a coffee-break with father L and tunafish L (yes, it gets complicated, all with the same initials!) at the local Borders.

Things get interesting with the rehearsal dinner at Encore Bistro Francais where the food was lovely and the service attentive. The hors d’oeuvres (we are at a French restaurant after all, I can call them that!) were cheese, crackers, and fruit. Very nice. My goat cheese salad, also impressive. I liked in particular the cheese rounds themselves, all rolled in a different tasty powder: the one I remember is the curry. Mmmm mmm. I had the linguine with veggies for the main course, the rest of the table went either for the salmon or the steak frites, so cousin A appropriated a forkful of mine for herself early on– and too bad for that water carafe that was in the way. I like your passion, A. Dessert, a lemon tart. Good, but by that time we were all full. However, I did manage to swipe ice cream from Mr. Food’s plate of profiteroles. Unfortunately just as I was about to do the same to cousin D’s plate to my left, it was whisked away… Why does this always happen?!

The next day Mr. Food and I had breakfast by room service. How fancy. We enjoyed it for the most part… but I’m still wondering how two orange juices were translated into a grapefruit and a milk. The fresh fruit plate, however, was amazing. Nice job on that.

Onto dinner and the wedding reception! My cornish hen was fine but the scalloped potatoes on the side were even better. Can’t go wrong with a little potatoes, cream, and cheese. And the cake– perfect. I loved the flavor but don’t remember now what was in it! (Ask Mr. Food or sister L, they have good memories for these sorts of things) But the photo turned out nicely. I snuck over before they cut into it. Newly married J says to me “is that for your blog!?” Yes, bro, it is. And congratulations.


One response to “Linguine and wedding cake…

  1. bibliophilesdilemma

    You got grapefruit juice because it’s far superior to orange juice. So there!

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