Meat for vegetarians

Before I get into this, let’s get one thing straight right away: I eat meat (in fact, as I’ve mentioned, I’ll eat nearly anything besides canned tuna, shrimp cocktails, and weird organ meats) but I don’t looooove meat. I leave that for the folks who frequent steak houses and sign up as barbeque competition groupies. Well, at least the first group. Maybe when I have time someday I’ll do a barbeque roadie tour one summer. Immediately following the cross-country baseball food tour of my fantasies. One can dream…

If I had to pick one meat (okay, wait, two) I do love, it would be anything from Blue Ribbon or anything involving Thanksgiving turkey. But really, that’s more about the stuffing, the potatoes, and the cranberry sauce.

So, back to the point– I’m not a big meat fan, but these are really cool! I like the hambone in particular even though I’m pretty sure I’ve never actually eaten one. It even comes in individual and family sizes. They might as well say “adult” and “toddler” sizes. These would be great for omnivores-in-training.


One response to “Meat for vegetarians

  1. Where do you find these things?!

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