From pickles to Prego

You wouldn’t think that the feelings of happiness brought about by the search for the perfect pickles and spaghetti sauces would last through an eighteen-minute lecture, at least, one that belongs in an academic conference instead of a stand-up comedy tour… but this guy found a way to do it. The video is not much to see– a guy who looks remarkably like my dad (and his hair) as a young lad walking around on a stage– but he manages to entertain for the duration. The presentation is based around the life’s work of a food industry consultant who managed to work with giants like Pepsi, Nescafe, Prego, Ragu, and others, helping them transform their products to suit more consumers by diversifying. It is this consultant we can blame for the 79 kinds of tomato sauce and 38 types of granola bars on our shelves today, so listen up.


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