Candy aisle shocker

It’s not often that a bag that cries out ORGANIC CANDY DROPS catches my eye rather than my sneer. But these did. Maybe it was the colors. Maybe the leaping little children on the front. Maybe the tantalizing pile of wrapped candies visible within. Maybe even the audacious THE BEST TASTE ON EARTH written at the bottom (though obscured partially by the $2.49 pricetag). Maybe I was just bored standing at the Whole Foods checkout with Mr. Food (aka my enabler– he encouranged me to buy them and blog to tell about it) by my side. I was really looking around for a copy of Saveur-the-magazine-which-has-mysteriously-stopped-arriving-in-my-mailbox (I finally got so annoyed calling them every month to no avail that I cancelled! So there!). Anyway, despite the corny name, these are really growing on me. I’m particularly into the so-called wet-face watermelon ones. Followed closely by the mango tangos. The bag says it includes cheeky lemon but I have yet to see them. Maybe Mr. Food ate them all?


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