Soup in a book?

I just read one of the books I got at Powell’s in Portland… Kafka’s Soup by Mark Crick (he wrote and illustrated this creative little book), is subtitled “a complete history of world literature in 14 recipes.” And it is. Even though, I admit I have not read most of the authors replicated here (high school English classes did nothing to boost my lagging interest in literature) the recipes (a la Kafka, Woolf, or Chandler, for example) were entertaining if not actually laughably funny. My favorite was the Rich Chocolate Cake a la Irvine Welsh– written with a deep Scottish accent and plenty of cursing, of course. Crick weaves the recipe instructions into the story like so: “The tins go intae the oven at 400 degrees. Ah cook everything at the same temperature; ah f**in hate those yuppie bastards with their fan assisted bollocks and temperatures. When you’re cookin, you’re cookin.” Cooking lesson and social commentary in one!


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