Attention fellow sweet-eating Anglophiles!

At last, courtesy of The New York Times and my-favorite-author-of-the-week Kim Severson, the supremacy of British supermarket candies can no longer be denied! Read all about it! My favorite line has got to be this: “Hershey’s tastes like ear wax” — well, yes, it kind of does, but without all those bitter notes. Note to those about to take European vacations: I prefer Refreshers, Mint Aeros, and Walnut Whips. (Thanks in advance.)


One response to “Attention fellow sweet-eating Anglophiles!

  1. Great article…….
    Of course English sweets are best!
    And Cadbury is king.
    Now, let’s add some of those Callard & Bowser delights, too :
    How about that treacle toffee ? To die for.
    And that incredible (edible rice paper covered)nougat ! Heavenly.
    And I’ve only just got started……..
    Ta very much 🙂

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