Movies to eat (or, watch)

Ok, for all those of you who haven’t yet even heard of the new Pixar flick, Ratatouille, it’s time to get your head out of the stockpot and go to the theater. I won’t reiterate all the rave reviews my fellow bloggeurs and bloggeuses and just plain old critics have written on this lovely film and its realistically crazy kitchen scenes. Let’s just say: go see it.

And while you’re there, try to avoid watching the new Catherine Zeta-Jones movie, No Reservations. Sure it’s a great story and all… and I know this not because I snuck out of work to see it the day it came out when in reality I am stuck at my desk… but because the original movie, a German film called Bella Martha (known in U.S. as Mostly Martha) was so enticing. So do yourself a favor and rent that one instead. And have a feast handy because your stomach will be growling by the end of it.


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