What we’ve been eating…

… in the last few busy weeks.


First of all, a meal lovingly prepared by Auntie N and her sister S when we visited them in New Hampshire a couple of weeks back when little L was in town. (Except she’s not so little now, still working at not growing taller than me!) You can see the zucchini, potatoes, and fish which were all featured at dinner that night. On Sunday I tried an experiment involving fresh figs (brought in by cousin T), ham sliced straight from the hock, and a drizzle of olive oil. My family wanted to replicate a dish we had tried the night before at the restaurant where cousin A works. I toothpicked the ham to the fig and gathered the bundles together on a roasting pan and cooked until the meat was browning and the fruits were leaking juice. And it worked! I mean, as far as experiments go this wasn’t novel, but for me it was. Next time I get my hands on figs I’ll do it again. Mmmm.


As the next weekend started– nearly coinciding with our 5th wedding anniversary– we were lucky enough to go to a Red Sox game. Not only that, but we had tickets (notice I didn’t say seats) on The Green Monster (thank you, thank you, to future lawyer B and her man K). We went with those crazy guys who post the big red Ks whenever Daisuke Matsuzaka is pitching so red-painted faces (and in one case, a whole bald head) made our group stand out. And at least two guys (yes, it was mostly guys in our band of 9) risked the giant monster dogs, pictured here with the evidence of the loooong rain delay in the background. But we waited it out for two hours and then watched most of the game– too bad we had to leave to catch the last train home.

Mr. Food and I got up (late) the next morning to head west for K and T’s wedding (at last!) which was in Washington, Mass. last weekend. Lunch on anniversary day was at my favorite restaurant in Amherst where we gulped down their fish tacos and funky aguas frescas (one melon and one jamaica). Next stop, milkshakes (err, I mean, frappes!) in Huntington — we stopped at the Country Store here ostensibly for directions but came away with a refreshing mint chocolate drink made thoughtfully to be “straw-able” the best way I could describe what we wanted when the kind scooper asked how she could make it for us. Sorry no photos here, we drank it before I could think to photograph…

And then the wedding– we didn’t get a picture of the cake, there really wasn’t a standard one anyway– dessert was chocolate cake or strawberry shortcake (biscuit-style!!!) or other things I can’t right now remember. The important part is that the weekend was lovely; so thanks to the newly married couple still honeymooning in Iceland and congratulations from all of us (yes, the cats too, they remember you).


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