And then there were two…

We seem to have lost one of our cats! Sorry for the non-food-related digression, but one of our three, the softest, fuzziest, and most neurotic black-furred cat has flown the coop. We think Sooty Sox Schwab (she was born in the autumn of 2004) snuck out the back door on Friday sometime, we didn’t know she was going to try something like this (she always runs the other way when confronted with an open door) but the other two cats don’t seem worried, so maybe they knew this was coming? Did she get angry that we’ve been hiding the food? (Pepper is on a diet and he needs the assistance) Did she get sick of having humans around and decide to take her chances with the great outdoors and the “cat hobo train” as Mr. Food calls it? Or is she just curled up in a corner feeling sick? We think if that were the case the other two would be making a racket and leading us right to her– they way they all do when one of them is stuck in the bathroom (Sooty), the study (Toes), or the front hallway (Pepper). Instead, the others don’t even seem to remember her, life going on as normal…

We hope she has struck out to realize her own happiness, or as was said in Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?, she’s just r-u-n-n-o-f-t. Sigh. We miss her already and hope to see her again. For now, we have fond memories and lots of pictures (see her, on the right in the header).  And yes, for once we feel good about never getting around to clipping her nails.  Best of luck to her and to any animal who crosses her– she’s a fiesty one.


3 responses to “And then there were two…

  1. Wow, that’s no good….

  2. Oh no! I’ll keep my fingers crossed that she comes home soon.

  3. This is just so sad! You seem to be taking if very well…Crazy cats! Wanting to go and seek their fortune! Hopefully she’ll realize life’s much better with you guys.

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