Eating with the Smiths

Mr. Food and I have been sharing meals with some new friends recently.  In order to assure the anonymity of our innocent bystanders, let’s just call them “the Smiths.”

One of our first meals together was at a new place in town (supplanting the less preferable restaurant of the same chef).  I can’t remember exactly what I ate, but I remember liking it, even if only vaguely.  I did enjoy the fiddleheads– must have just caught those in the right season.  Mr. Food will remember the rest, he always does.  Next stop for eating out is here… when it finally opens!

Mrs. Smith and I made dinner the other night and this is the only surviving picture.  Roasted veggies (most importantly artichoke!) that went with, I think, pork roast and white wine…

More recently we hosted a breakfast at our place.  Even little S and littler GG were there.  (and as a result the cats were basically not)   Mr. Food did the cooking and the rest of us sat around and watched.  There were Italian sweet sausages from our new CSA membership (they were amaaaazing, but note to those curious: the waiting list is quite long, it may be another year before you’d get your hands on any), and bacon cooked up mostly to feed little S.

Also fruit salad and Mr. Food’s famous orange-y French toast with challah from Mamadou’s (note to intrepid blog reader– some of the photos on that site actually came from my camera!).

The meal was followed by an impromptu concert by Mr. Smith and little S on the drum pads accompanied by Mrs. Smith and GG as back-up dancers.

(breakfast picture credits go to Mrs. Smith)


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