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Favorite. Bag. Ever.

And you understand that for me this is saying a lot.  I have a whole drawer full of bags.  I also have a whole huge tupperware-ish bin full of bags. I have bags hanging out on hooks in the bedroom, porch, and guest room.  Some ladies have shoes; I have bags.  I admit it is a little out of control.  But this is my favorite bag.  No coincidence that it is awesomely red and has cherries on it.  I saw it hanging high above me in a shop that smelled like hippie incense (the bag did as well for a month after its release) and I knew there was no way that even I would want to spend as much for a bag as this fantastic bag should cost.  After long minutes of pretending to look at other things I requested to see it and my fears were unfounded… I walked out into the chilly rain swinging my new favorite bag, all for less than the cost of a good lunch.  Mmmm.