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Other people’s refrigerators (I)

There’s been a back-log of blogging happening recently. (I wonder if that should be called a backblog) One thing I’ve been meaning to post is pictures of R’s refrigerator and freezer, now two or so weeks out of date– sorry! Anyway, if you look first at her freezer door:


You’ll see all frozen treats. She has me going for a while with the “healthy” options like fruit sorbets and plain vanilla ice cream, but then, wham, a Ben & Jerry’s in the middle of all that! Where’d that come from? And then the pack of crushed garlic blocks… I say get one of these instead. (But, no, you don’t have to spend $38 on it…)

Her refrigerator is not much more telling…


Basically stocked with juices, milk, and Brita-ed water… and is that maple syrup hiding in the back? Probably for those lovely French toast brunches we have at her place sometimes. Lots of eggs. Tomatoes in the bin below? (You know, those are really great at room temperature…) And with a super huge pack of Cadbury’s Crunchies she’s ready for anything. But, R, what’s in that plastic bag??


What the green box brought us


We get so much fruit from Boston Organic’s big green box on Wednesdays that there is still plenty to go around on a Saturday– even after we decimated the citrus population over breakfast (grapefruit and tangelos). On top there are mostly pears, holdouts from last week, still ripening… There’s also a mango up there, ready to eat. Below, lots of apples (had one for lunch on Friday, quite good!), more pears, some little orangey things and a big pineapple in back– that’s definitely ripe too, you can see the yellow peeking through at the bottom already. The bananas are the first to go since they are usually the ripest arrivals so they are long gone along with the strawberries which were enjoyed this morning when little sister L was in town. I think that mango will be next in line, but I’ll leave the carving (and the tender fruit around the pit) to Mr. Food.

Refrigerator diaries I


You can tell a lot by looking in a person’s (insert-any-word-here). What interests me is what sits behind the refrigerator door. Mr. Food and I just returned from doing the weekly groceries so now is the perfect time to introduce you to the contents of our fridge. Usually it’s more crowded than this, but we have been eating up leftovers (pasta salad, pizza, steamed broccoli) recently… though there is still some plain pasta hanging out under the butter drawer. There’s actually no butter in that drawer but there is a great hunk of Parmigiano-Reggiano, some flour tortillas, and a few sharp cheddar snacks. Above is the land of lost jars– things like chocolate sauce from a story I did last May, a tub of whipped butter we’ve had for months, one of Kate’s Homemade sea-salted that we haven’t had nearly as long, some lemon curd, a funky jar of Chinese leek sauce, and a thing of chocolate icing (for those emergency cupcake rations in the freezer). Below the plain pasta is our lunch shelf. Celery sticks for the mister, carrots for me, and some yogurts hiding in the back, especially the lovely Fage, Greek-style with a side of honey. At the bottom is our onion/potato/tubers/things-we-should-really-be-storing-in-a-pantry drawer. And the other side: more delicate vegetables like the little tomatoes (here I use the term “vegetable” lightly), a zucchini, and a couple sacks of pea pods. Most of this is filled with the weekly shipment arriving in Boston Organic’s big green box. Above that– we’re almost there— a lonely, back-up jug of orange juice because I drink a glass every morning and can’t stand to run out (unless the green box brought juicing oranges that week). And, finally, on the last shelf a jug of Brita-ed water, soy milk (for Mr. Food), 1% cow (for me), the primary orange juice jug, and two opened bottles of wine in back. I think one is my favorite, a Gewurztraminer. The other probably ended up there after a party we had back in January. And there you have it. Next stop… the freezer? The refrigerator door? The big green box?